motcombe gardens

A picture is worth a thousand words


Birling Gap East Sussex

120 degree panoramic view with a the Fuji X100. Coastguard cottages in the foreground, Seven sisters in the background. The metal staircase allows access down to the beach. The current rate of cliff erosion with the recent winter storms is alarming we lost one coastguard cottage over the space of 24 months.



The downland view with the Belle Tout lighthouse in the distance, Seven sisters extreme right of picture

DSCF1518 (1800x703)




De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill East Sussex

A lovely art deco building restored to its former glory in 2004 more detail Here we made a brief visit today on a day of mixed unsettled weather really to try out my recent purchase of a Fuji X100 digital camera. Considering the building and surrounding area had become a bit of an eyesore before restoration, it really does look smart now, the children were really enjoying the multi-jet fountain.



DSCF1369 (1200x675) DSCF1372 (1200x674) DSCF1374 (1200x674) DSCF1375 (1200x674) DSCF1378 (1200x674) DSCF1379 (1200x674) DSCF1380 (1200x674) DSCF1384 (1200x674)



Identified by the open wings in the rest position this specimen was very accomodating allow me to photograph it fairly close with a digital SLR camera macro lens and a flashgun. 
There are some fantastic details and colours in this fabulous insect not all of them particularly pleasant to look at and not really noticable unless you have a macro lens or a very large megapixel camera that allows cropping to reveal the detail.

DSC_1433 (1500x1101)DSC_1419 (1500x1500) DSC_1439 (1500x1500) DSC_1451 (1500x1500) DSC_1447 (1500x1000) DSC_1445 (1500x1500)


Fujifilm X100 digital camera

The latest addition to my camera collection having sold some of my other kit that didn`t get used much. It has the advantage of  an  optical and electronic viewfinder with eye sensor to get over the problem of trying to look at a screen in bright sunlight. It has a Leica retro look to it with a metal body but only a single non zoom f2 fast lens so I will need to zoom with my feet. It is fully manual or automatic and no shutter sound so it is ideal for street photography. It will give noise free images up to ISO12800. I will post pictures when I have had a chance to take some good shots.DSC01560 (1300x867)

23mm not quite a wide angle lens

DSC01561 (1300x867)

notice the shutter button is threaded to take a shutter release cable the knob on the extreme right is for exposure compensation

DSC01562 (1300x867) DSC01563 (1300x867)

first shot of  sweet peas shows a lovely quality lens

DSCF1072 (1300x928)


Lace Cap Hydrangea

These lovely shrubs are in flower at the moment and the bumble bees are loving the masses of flower heads for a plentiful supply of pollen. The rose pictures I dedicate to Jennifer Hunter because I know she loves them, you can find her own lovely collection  of rose  pictures on Fickr

IMG_8150 (1500x864) IMG_8179 (1500x1002) IMG_8165 (1500x1000) IMG_8177 (1500x999) IMG_8170 (1500x1001) IMG_8219 (1500x843) DSC_1211 (1500x999)